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All clients need to make sure they are wearing suitable underwear.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

This is a gentle, flowing, rhythmic massage that helps the lymphatic system to function effectively.

Possible Benefits:

Boosts the functions of the lymphatic system; improves the circulation of the lymph; helps fluid drainage from cells; improves production and distribution of antibodies and lymphocytes; boosts immunity from disease; stimulates the systems filtering process helping to remove toxins and bacteria from the body.

Could help with problems including oedema, skin disorders, headache, sinus congestion, sprains, stress, digestive disorders, before and after surgery to remove tissue congestion and reduce scar formation.

Indian Head massage

Wonderfully relaxing, Indian head massage is based on the ayurvedic system of healing which has been practiced in India for over a thousand years. Extremely effective for treating stress because it works on the areas of the body most affected i.e the shoulders, upper back, neck and head. The affects are felt throughout the mind and body.

Possible Benefits:

Relaxation of muscles, providing immediate relief; loosening of the scalp; relaxation of the whole person; improves blood circulation; stimulates and improves the circulation of the lymphatic system; helps in the relief of eye strain and tension headaches; relief from mental & emotional stress; excellent for disturbed sleep and insomnia.

Thai Foot massage

Thai Foot Massage is an ancient method of massage which incorporates aspects of Reflexology, Shiatsu, Chinese massage & Yoga. It is a treatment which combines the benefits of massage with pressure point stimulation and stretching.

Possible Benefits:

Can help to relieve stress, tension and anxiety; boost the immune system; improve flexibility; aid insomnia; aid mental fatigue; stimulate the release of toxins through lymphatic drainage; improve the circulation in the legs, hands and feet; improve the chi flow through the body.

Accusound (Vibrational) Therapy
A young woman lying on the couch undergo

Over hundreds of years, sound has been used by various civilisations ie Native American Indians, Aboriginals, Tibetans etc. to help heal and balance the body. Today we use musical Tuning forks to work on clearing the Aura, Chakras and Meridian lines & by working on Acupressure points it helps to release energy blockages and therefore balance the energy systems. By really listening to sound it has been shown to help relax the brain both the logical left hand side and the creative more spiritual right hand side.


It is a very gentle, calming & relaxing treatment. The tuning forks can be used on and around the body.

This can be a treatment on its own or as part of Reiki and massage treatments.

Possible Benefits:

Promotes flow of energy in & around the body; Opens the energetic pathways; Relieves stress; Relaxes the muscles; Helps with relaxation; Promotes better sleep; Promotes deep & balanced breathing; Stimulates the body’s own healing process; Helps to calm the mind.